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Project Finance


We provide a wide range of Project Finance solutions and can guide you through what can seem a complex area. So whether you are an established international business in Europe Asia or America, our dedicated team of Project Finance specialists are on hand to support you.


Project Finance


Project Finance is central to the world’s key industries. Our approach is to treat your project development and financing needs as an integrated discipline.

Our Project Finance experts are integrated with our teams of industry specialists, providing in-depth, sector-specific advice. This approach ensures our clients get expert attention, tailored to their project and sector.

We can provide solutions to all major industry sectors, including:

⁃ Real estate and construction
⁃ Renewable energy
⁃ Social infrastructure
⁃ Telecommunications
⁃ Transport infrastructure

We assemble teams of experts in planning, property, construction and dispute resolution. This enables us to identify all material risks. We are known for our collaborative approach, made possible by our understanding of the different perspectives of project principals, contractors, financiers and consultants.

Find out more about our Finance products by talking to one of our advisors.

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Tailored Solutions


For any business, funding has a vital role in both meeting everyday expenses and enabling domestic or international growth. We provide businesses with finance solutions which can be tailored by our specialists.

Our primary focus is on supporting dynamic and growing businesses globally with debt requirements of more than CHF 7m.

How it supports your business
Access to financing is a pillar of Pixton AG shared growth ambition which is about making decisions and doing business that provides our clients and shareholders with access to a prosperous future.

As one of our clients, you can access the range of products and services available across Pixton AG through your dedicated advisor.


⁃ We can work alongside you to support you in achieving your business ambitions and long-term success
⁃ We will stay up to date with your changing priorities, challenges, opportunities and needs, and can meet a wide variety of funding requirements
⁃ We can provide finance to support you with improving cashflow, refinancing existing debt, buying assets, funding acquisitions and buyouts and a range of other requirements


You can take advantage of the wide-ranging, global capabilities we’re able to offer. Your Relationship Advisor will guide you through our international network and comprehensive range of products and services to help you find the solution that best meets your requirements.

Find out more about our Finance products by talking to one of our advisors.

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Alternatively you can email us at contact@pixton.ch with your query.

International Project Finance

Our principal service is the provision of international Project Finance to companies, businesses and organisations for significant land development projects in the leisure, tourism, entertainment, renewable energy, construction industries and all others.

Over the 2 years, our associates at Pixton AG, who are leading international project financiers have placed over one billion US dollars ($1,000,000,000) of development in the form of equity and loans into an extremely wide variety of projects including eco and green projects, golf courses, hotels and hotel resorts, sports stadia, theme parks, tourism and tourist projects and many other types of project in almost 60 countries worldwide.

If you are looking for sources of Project Finance for a project in or related to, the leisure, tourist or construction industries we would like to hear from you.

Please note that we do not provide finance for projects valued at less than ten million US dollars ($10,000,000).

Find out more about our Finance products by talking to one of our advisors.

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+41 81 710 49 36

Alternatively you can email us at contact@pixton.ch with your query.


Pixton AG services include but not limited to;
• Project Funding Asset Registration Asset Funding
• Business Funding

The distributed instruments Bank Instruments can be used for Project Finance.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality service to our clients’ requirements to support their individual needs.

⁃ Financing renewable energy
⁃ Real estate


In keeping with Pixton AG ’s mission statement, our team tailors each instrument to the meet the requirements of each transaction. By providing the highest quality services to clients and partners, we maintain an unparalleled reputation among the industry top players.

From the first moment of contact, we will guide you through the different stages of your deal, until the transaction is finalized.

We have a unique philosophy which we practice:

We do not hide anything from you

We understand running a business is stressful. Our friendly members of staff are always available to talk to you through the process and there is no such thing as a silly question.

With over 30 years of experience combined, there are very few situations our team has not seen. We always do our best to provide you with the solutions that will work best for you.

All businesses are different, so there is no one solution for all. We aim to work in harmony with your business and we will be as flexible as we can to help you grow.

We are unique in that we are the only Project Finance company that will fund unfinished goods and take a performance risk on you. This is just one of the reasons why we provide a better service to our clients.

Please, meet our team. They are leading specialists in the niche and will provide you with the top-notch expertise in the field.


We’re here to help

How long does it take to get financed?
This will depend on the type of facility a client needs and the response time of the client. Many transactions close within 6-8 weeks, although in some cases Pixton AG can put a facility together much quicker.

Why use Pixton AG instead of other financiers?
Pixton AG has an extensive risk appetite and the ability to manage risks through distribution. We leverage on our deep understanding of the macroeconomic environment and our relationships to enhance our ability to confirm SBLC from banks worldwide.

What is the quality and degree of guidance i can respect for each transaction?
As a committed institution, we believe in building relationships with our customers and doing the right thing by our customers. Applying these principles to our day to day business activities, we commit to:
⁃ only sell products and services that are suitable for our clients;
⁃ ensure our staff are thoroughly trained and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide quality information to our clients;
⁃ be clear and transparent to our clients, keep them fully informed;
⁃ be responsive to our clients’ needs and requests, attend to complaints promptly and effectively.

What kind of consulting do you provide?
Pixton AG provides consulting related to Project Finance.

I have opened Letters of credits with my bank before; how are yours different?
Working with Pixton AG can be significantly advantageous. Clients can keep their existing credit lines to use at their discretion. Pixton AG can make arrangements on its client’s behalf to open facilities. We also maintain relationships with many respectable banks and financiers as a result, our clients can take advantage of this network and optimise their transactions.

What kind of collateral do you require to open a letter of credit?
The collateral required will depend on the facility type, credit rating, and many other factors – however in most cases Pixton AG is able to structure transactions and provide clients with collateral options through third parties for an additional fee.


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